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5-Star Hotel Towelling-Imperial and Luxury Range

Towel Set- Imperial Range

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Each set contains:-


2 x Bath Towels 590 GSM Ringspun (70cm x 150cm)

2 x Face Cloths 500 GSM Ringspun (34cm x 36cm)

2 x Hand Towels 590 GSM Ringspun (45cm x 80cm)

1 x Bath Mats 660 GSM Ringspun (50cm x 72cm)


Combining ring-spun technology with incredible softness, our Imperial Range is crafted from 100% cotton and features ultimate durability. Ring-spun technology makes use of twisted, short and long fibres of cotton yarn. The result is softer, smoother and pill resistant hotel towels.

Designed with industry experts, our towels are sourced from only the finest cotton producing regions in the world. Extra-strong ground makes these commercial towels highly resistant to fraying and thus reducing the need for frequent replacements. Independently assessed for dimensional stability, perspiration and colour fastness, our towels are subjected to various laboratory tests before entering the market.

Boasting premium material, these hard wearing white Towel Sets are best suited as Airbnb Supplies.

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80- 100 Washes / 1 year. Bath towels are to be washed in industrial washer extractors/ CBW at 65 ºC. CBW press pressure between 40-50 Bar. Tumble dried in industrial dryer at 80º C- 100 ºC, then Machine folded. Our textile products intended for commercial use are subject to external testing including laboratory tests (A.S and ISO standards). The parameters include: 
Dimensional Stability, Colour Fastness to Washing, Colour Fastness to Water, Colour Fastness to Perspiration, Colour Fastness to Rubbing, Colour Fastness to Light, Fabric Weight, Tensile Strength, Threads Per Inch, Composition, Pile Ratio(ISO Standards) and Yarn Count(ISO Standards).